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Other Masonic Interests
The Masons are comprised of many Concordant Bodies within the main structure of Free Masonry. Please use the link directly below from the Grand Lodge of the State of New York for access:

For those looking for the History of Staten Island Click here

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Some Masomic Humor

Free Masonry   - The Magazine

More on Free Masonary

The offers many Masonic Items for sale and a 10% discount to the Lodge for all items ordered. Please look at this site and shop around.

One of the Newest Books on Masonry - Click on the book to order


At last, a plain-English guide to Freemasonry-the secret society that's reportedly at the center of Dan Brown's forthcoming novel The Solomon Key

With Freemasonry featured prominently in The Da Vinci Code as well as the hit movie National Treasure, it's no wonder that more and more people are curious about this ancient organization, and interest is sure to intensify when Dan Brown's new blockbuster appears. This eye-opening guide demystifies Freemasonry, explaining the organization's origins in medieval Europe, its philosophy and purpose, and, of course, the elaborate rituals, secret signs, and cryptic symbols that set Freemasonry apart from other fraternal orders. The book profiles famous Freemasons throughout historyæincluding many of America's Founding Fathers as well as prominent politicians and business leadersæand offers a balanced assessment of the many controversies and conspiracy theories that continue to swirl around Freemasonry. For anyone who wants an evenhanded overview of Freemasonry's past, present, and future, this guide is the key.

Christopher Hodapp (Indianapolis, IN) is a Mason who has traveled extensively reporting on Masonic practices in Great Britain, France, and elsewhere. He is currently a Past Master and a Master of his lodge. Hodapp edits the lodge newsletter and has written for the Grand Lodge magazine, the Indiana Freemason.