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RMA Calendar

R\W\Michael Roman
  District Deputy Grand Master

R\W\Anthony Roman
Grand Steward

V:.W:. Mark Peerson
Assistant Grand Lecturer

District Deputy Grand Masters
Schedule of Official Visits

                                                                                      10/16/06  Mon.     Richmond Aquehonga
                                                                                      11/16/06  Thurs.   Huguenot
                                                                                      12/11/06  Mon.     Beacon Light
                                                                                      1/25/07   Thurs.   Great Kills
                                                                                      2/27/07   Tues.    New Dorp
                                                                                      3/16/07    Fri.       LaGuardia
                                                                                     4/18/07    Wed.   Tompkins

Richmond District Official Family
District Deputy Grand Master
R\W\Michael Roman
Grand Steward
R\W\Anthony Roman
Assistant Grand Lecturer
V:.W:.Mark Peerson
Grand Chaplain
R\W\Gaspar LaFata
Grand Representative to Piaui Brazil
R\W\Bruce Eisenberg  
Grand Representative to New Brunswick, Canada
R\W\Jay Spadaro
                                                                                          Grand Representative to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
                                                                                                                               R:.W:. Walter  Onora
Grand Representative to Texas
R:.W:. Gerald 'Tex' Meyers
Grand Representative to Nevada
R:.W:.William Navallo

Please Note - Dates can be changed at any time
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