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Masonic History
Each month you will be presented with a piece of Masonic History or interesting Masonic Article. These are for public reading.
True Freemasonry

True Masonry is the goal of advancement and enlightenment of all
humanity. True Masonry is a system of morality and spiritual
advancement. It is a science which is engaged in divine truth and
which employs symbolism as its method of instruction. It is a
summary of human wisdom, clear, concise, and simple. True Masonry is
an art founded on the principles of geometry and directed to the
service and convenience of mankind. True Masonry is friendship,
love, and integrity. True Masonry is subjugation of the human that
is in man by the divine, the conquest of appetites and passions by
the Moral sense and the reason, a continual effort, struggle, and
warfare of the spiritual against the material and sensual. The word
Mason refers to one who builds, (a brick layer). Masonry is the art
of building or brick laying (stone work or brick work). This is
called Operative Masonry (the physical act of building and
construction). The Process or act of building a mental edifice
within the human being is Speculate Masonry. This alludes the art of
building character, erecting the human intellect in an upright
posture, it also refers to the science of erecting the human society
based on the principles of truth, justice, and righteousness. A true
Mason is one who is free to build a physical and mental edifice.
There is a final stage of True Masonry, it is Spiritual Masonry.
When one builds a spiritual edifice, when he becomes one with GOD
and in that he becomes his true self the divine spirit.

To be a true Mason one must not be a slave to lust and avarice. The
true purpose of Freemasonry is to train a human being so that he
will reconstruct, through the body of change and death which he now
has, a perfect physical body which shall not be subject to death.
The plan is to build this deathless body, called by modern
Freemasons "King Solomon's Temple". Out of material in the physical
body, which is called the ruins of Solomon's Temple. The plan is to
build a Temple not made with hands, eternal in the heavens, which is
the cryptic name for the deathless physical vesture. True Masonry is
for the purpose of leading mankind to freedom and enlightenment. It
is the duty of Masonry to assist in elevating the moral and
intellectual level of society, in gaining knowledge, bringing ideas
into circulation and causing the mind of youth to grow, and in
putting gradually, by the teachings of axioms and the promulgation
of positive laws, the human race harmony with its destinies. The aim
of true Masonry is to bestow on its adherents manhood, science, and
philosophy. It is the province of Masonry to teach truth not only
moral truth alone, but political and philosophical, and even
religious truth, so far as concerns the great and essential
principles of each. The aims for true Masonry are more progressive,
philanthropic, and humanitarian. It seeks to guide the Moral and
spiritual development of humanity outside and above any difference
of class, nationality, or creed.

True Masonry aims for the search of truth, the study of morality and
the practice of solidarity. True Masonry works for human betterment
both materially and morally and for the social and intellectual
perfecting of man. True Masonry is the apostle of liberty, equality,
fraternity. The main objective of true Masonry is to bring man from
darkness to the light and raise the human mind from a dead level to
a living perpendicular. True Masons are gentle, gracious, and wise.
The vocation of true Masonry is to form mankind into a great
redemptive brotherhood, a league of noble and free men in listed in
the radiant enterprise of working out, in time the love and will of
God. True Masonry endeavors to bring men-first the individual man,
and then, so far as possible, those who are united with him-to love
one another while holding aloft, in the picture and dream that
temple of character which is the noblest labor of life to build in
the midst of years and which will out last time and death. Thus
true Masonry seeks to reach the lonely inner life of man, where the
real battles are fought and where the issues of destiny are decided.
Now the shouts of victory, now with sobs of defeat here lies the
great secret of true Masonry-that it makes a man aware of that
divinity within him, where from his whole life takes its beauty and
meaning inspires him to follow and obey it. Making his existence a
process of self discovery, self mastery, and self spending. Anything
else other than this is totally and completely bogus!

Bro. M. Moore Bey